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Science House Foundation

Science House Foundation changes the lives of kids around the world by sparking their imaginations through science and mathematics. We are currently in 24 countries and have plans to get into every country in the world.

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The two largest science projects of the last 20 years, the Large Hadron Collider and the Human Genome project, were the result of scientists collaborating from over 100 countries, working together beyond geographical boundaries to illuminate a new understanding about the universe and ourselves. We support the collaborative future of science and we need your help.

Science House Foundation (a 501(c)3 public charity NGO) was created by James Jorasch to spark the imaginations of kids worldwide for science, provide them with equipment and then connect them with all of our Points of Science locations in a digital platform so participants can start sharing their findings and getting to know each other. Our future is in their hands.

Currently operating in 26 countries and growing rapidly, Science House Foundation’s goal is to establish a location in every country in the world. Many of our current Points of Science locations serve students with limited access to opportunities, such as Tibetan exiles in the Dalai Lama’s Dharamsala community and kids in the Brazil’s favelas and rainforest.

If you’re a committed, Internet-connected, enthusiastic science teacher and you’d like to apply for a Science House Foundation grant to set up a Points of Science location, please read about our programs below, then click here for our submission form. If you’d like to help us power the Points of Science program, your support could change the life of the next young Einstein or Marie Curie.

Science House Foundation Programs

Science House Foundation’s global network is dedicated to making science education accessible worldwide. It is grounded in Science House Foundation’s core successful programs: MicroGlobalScope, Terrabotic and Planet CheckUp. Points of Science provides equipment to teachers around the world who are then connected via a cross-culturally collaborative global network of schools.

Support our mission to set up a science education location in every country in the world, spark the imaginations of kids and connect them so they can share their findings digitally!

MicroGlobalScope” provides high-powered microscopy kits to science teachers working with 10-12 year olds, which gets kids excited about science and connects them to other students, teachers and scientists around the world. Learn more.

Terrabotic” is a global robotics project for high school students (15-18 years old). Participating schools receive a class set of robotics kits to start a school robotics program and become a part of the Points of Science global digital network. Learn more.

Planet CheckUp” is a student environmental citizen science journalism initiative. Students contribute toward creating a valuable, global data set on environmental health, and help shed light on environmental issues. Learn more.

Video Science” Produced by Science House Foundation, VideoScience is a series of teaching exercises available as an iPad/iPhone app. Over 500,000 people have downloaded the exercises, lead by veteran science teacher Dan Menelly, a former Albert Einstein Fellow at the National Science Foundation and science teacher at the United Nations International School. Download VideoScience here